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JUUL Skin Vinyl Sticker Decal and Charger Skin (2 Pack) - Pickle Rick

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  1. LOOKING FOR THE BEST QUALITY? You've already found it. Made with patented removable 3M printed vinyl. Highly durable and resistant to scratching, e-liquid, heat and condensation. High-resolution full-color printing
  2. BORED OF WHAT YOUR JUUL LOOKS LIKE? - Grab a new style to change up your look. Remove easily when you change styles. No sticky residue after.
  3. Shield Your Juul - Protection from minor scratches. Great to make sure your new Juul stays in perfect condition
  4. ALWAYS LOSE YOUR JUUL CHARGER? - Ever been somewhere and have to fight over which charger is yours? Match your charger with your JUUL for easy recognition of your belongings.
  5. You will receive 2 of the same designed skins in this package. It's the perfect gift or keep another one for future use. Personalize your JUUL and CHARGER with unique high-quality skins. Protect your JUUL while making it look amazing! Precision Die cut to fit your JUUL perfectly match your JUUL to your charger. You will receive 2 JUUL Skins and 2 JUUL Charger Skins and a Alcohol Prep Pad! You will never have your charger taken by mistake again. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We want you to be com


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