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Hoont Electric Mouse Trap High Voltage Zapper for Mice and Other Small Rodents Designed to Be Humane, Safe and Easy to Use

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  1. Sleek and efficient design - Removable kill chamber for convenient baiting and easy cleaning
  2. Humane and safe - The high voltage shock kills rodent in seconds and includes a built-in safety switch and tunnel design to help protect children and pets
  3. LED kill light - Includes an LED extension line for your convenience as well as an indicator light on the device that will light up when a kill has been made
  4. Safe - No chemicals or poisons needed at all. Recommended for Indoor use only
  5. Includes AC Wall charger, can also be used with 4 AA batteries for hard to reach areas. Simply bait, place, turn on and empty. Done !


  • design
  • easy
  • high
  • humane
  • includes
  • kill
  • led
  • light
  • safe
  • use
  • voltage


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