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Animal Bite Cable Protector Kit by Fish Munchers - 9 Cute Charger Protector Cable Bite with Cord Wraps and Winders (Compatible with iPhone Cords Only)

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  1. MASSIVE VALUE! - You get all 9 fish munchers charger protectors, 4 cord wraps (will cover entire charger cable length each), and 4 winders that will keep your cord together; all for one affordable price.
  2. NO MORE BROKEN CABLES! - Looking for a fun way to protect your cell phone cords and keep them tidy and neat? Look no further than this complete Fish Munchers kit to protect and organize your cell phone charger cables. Compatible with iphone only.
  3. SECURE FIT - The fish munchers kit was designed to be compatible for iphones only. This ensures a secure fit for iphone's charger cables. Fish Munchers cord protectors take a bit more work to put on but stay on much better than other cord protectors sold on Amazon for this reason.
  4. YOU WILL LOVE THEM - You will love the cute fish munchers designs! Each one is made from great quality silicone to look awesome. You will also love the bigger size of the Fish Munchers compared to other protectors sold on Amazon! Makes a great Christmas present!
  5. RISK-FREE PURCHASE - We are so sure of the value of our product that we will give you 100% of your money back, no question asked, if you decide to return the fish munchers cord protector kit.(we are sure that you will decide to keep them..) Supplies are limited so get yours today!


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