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KRAFTZLAB Ultimate Candle Making Kit Supplies – Includes 5 Colors Candle Wax, 7 Candle Molds, 10 Wicks, 1 Melting Cup and More – Great DIY Starter Kit for Both Kids and Adults

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  1. IT'S EASY AND FUN - COOL CANDLE MAKING KIT: ideal gift for yourself or anyone into arts and crafts activities- this candle making kit includes all supplies you need and inspiring booklet with candle ideas and basics - 5 colors candle wax, 7 candle molds, 10 wicks, 2 pegs, 2 wooden sticks with a hole, 1 stainless steel melting cup, beautiful package box
  2. 15 SMALL CANDLES TO MAKE AND SHARE: small candles are really the cutest, great for home decorating of any room, sharing and gifting; super easy to make, fully engaging and exciting activity for both boys and girls, as well as adults
  3. 7 DIFFERENT MOLDS TO CHOOSE FROM: 7 colorful molds in different shapes included - round and square cupcake candle molds, star candle mold, leaf candle mold, heart candle mold, butterfly and flower candle molds, note: mold color may vary
  4. 5 DIFFERENT COLORS- MIX AND MATCH TO CREATE YOUR UNIQUE SHADES: colors included are yellow, green, red, blue and pink; basics on color mixing are included in the booklet that comes with the pack
  5. COMPLETE STARTER DIY KIT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: this is great starter DIY kit to get you learn the basics of candle making; create your own unique home decoration or the perfect handmade gift for the holidays - great present for any occasion Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Easter, Birthday parties and more. Important: The wax melting process must always be executed by an adult or done under 100% adult's supervision


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