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Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads - Natural Pain/Stress/Sleep/Herbal/Odor Effective Relief - Full Body Cleanse Stress Relief - Foot Care Pad - Nature Plant Based - Odor Free - 20 Foot Pads & Adhesive Sheets

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  1. ✔️WE HAVE PREMIUM INGREDIENTS IN OUR PRODUCT! We wanted to choose the best ingredients for our customers to enjoy this relaxing stress reliving activity! The ingredients include: Bamboo Vinegar, Dextrin, Far-infrared Powder, Tourmalin, Loquat Leaf, Chitosan, Agaricus Mushroom, and SIO2! These ingredients are all natural and the foot pads will give you relief like never before! These ingredients provide great sleep aid. With plant based ingredients it will make you feel brand new.
  2. ✔️DO YOU WANT TO FEEL RELIEF IN A LOT OF PARTS OF YOUR LIFE?! Our product is MADE to help your sleeping, stress, cleanse, odor eliminate, vinegar foot pads! Our product is made from nature, and it is meant to help anyone and everyone. Our product is pack full of more herbal natures care that will help with the best sleep aid ever! Our bamboo stress relief sheets and pads are great for foot care. It will cleanse more then any bamboo vinegar foot pad on the market!
  3. ✔️IT WILL BOOST YOUR VITALITY BEYOND BELIEF! If you are feeling fatigue, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS AND OUR PRODUCT WILL HELP! We have tested this on many people and we have had nothing but successful testing! The Vinegar foot pads and the adhesive sheets work great, and they do not fall off as easily as our competitors! These are so effective for any kind of relief and it is just on your feet! Will not bother you while just hanging out!
  4. ✔️100% SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND RISK FREE! Our product is all natural, meaning that is is made with ingredients from nature to make the bamboo vinegar foot pads. With the plant based products, this makes it very safe for anyone. With it being odorless it will not effect anyones nose! You can get sleep aid RISK FREE and it will be the greatest night sleep you could possibly get! The adhesive sheets are great for your feet, and your body will be feeling amazing, GREAT stress relief and for sleeping.
  5. ✔️U.S.A. Design and Testing: While our products are manufactured overseas (let's be honest, what isn't these days..) ALL of our DESIGN AND TESTING was done right here in the United States. Our USA customer service team stands by to provide you with exceptional, lightning quick responses to your every concern. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


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