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Bdsign Beach Racket Set. Beach Tennis, Beach Toys, Kids Games. Outdoor and Indoor Games. Jazzminton, Goodminton or Badminton for Kids. Camping Games. Backyard Games. Beach Family Games. Lawn Games

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  1. Paddle Game, Best & Fun Game for Indoor and Outdoor, Kids Games, Badminton, Goodminton, Jazzminton
  2. 2 Wooden Racquets, 1 ball and 1 birdie included. The bag is also included. Fun beach games. Ball Games for Active Kids.
  3. Perfect for Present, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Travel Gift.
  4. Backyard Games, Backyard Toys . Beach toys, Girls Toys, Boy Toys, children have fun, entertainment and be active.
  5. Family Game, Play with your Kids doing Sports! From 2 to 7 years old.


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