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Dr. Entre's 2-in-1 Foot Pads: Mother Nature’s Best for Pain Relief, Deep Sleep Aid, Odor Eliminator, More | Full Body Cleanse Patch | Plant Based, Easy & Effective | Convenient Packaging |10 Pack

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  1. PREMIUM INGREDIENT COMBINATION |100% NATURAL: Dr. Entre's 2-in-1 Foot Pads Are Sourced From Our Professional FDA & CE Certified Manufacturers That Always Provide High Quality Plant Based Ingredients For an Utmost Cleanse Experience Directly From Mother Nature Alone. Bamboo Vinegar, Tree Vinegar, Platycodon(Herbal Flower), Lavender, Rose, Menthol(Peppermint), Tourmaline(Natural Mineral), Vitamin E, Bamboo Charcoal. - NO Chitosan/Chitin(Fish Bi-Products) Or Synthetic/Artificial Ingredients
  2. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE OF DR. ENTRE'S 2-in-1 FOOT PADS: Using Our Own Special Ingredient Combination We Continue To Provide Our Valued Customers With The Same Product They Trust Every Order. Look And Test For Yourself The True Difference In Our 2-in-1 Foot Pads Compared To Other Normal Generic Pads! Improve Energy and Immunity - Sleep Aid and Pain Relief - Absorb Impurities and Stimulate Your Body To Remove Waste - Beautify Your Feet and Clear Odors - Appropriate For Men And Women
  3. COMPLETE QUANTITY RANGE: We Make Our Foot Pads Available With A Range Of Selection Options To Accommodate For Every Customers Needs, Big Or Small. 10ct(5 Lavender 5 Rose), 30ct(15 Lavender 15 Rose), and 90ct(45 Lavender 45 Rose) This Is Also Because We Understand Our More Frequent Customers Always Enjoy The Savings Of Our Larger Options We Provide - Premium Adhesive Sheets Always Included - Stock Up and Get Volume Discounts When You Buy 2 Or More Of Any Package Size!
  4. PROPER SEAL & QUICK-CHECK PACKAGING: Each 2-in-1 Pad Is Individually Packaged And Vacuum Sealed For A Guarantee Of Superior Freshness and Quality For Our Customers - For Additional Convenience, We Package Our Foot Pads In A Sturdy Resealable Ziplock With A Clear See Through Side So You May Easily Know How Low Your Stock Is. Our Customers Prefer This Quick-Check Packaging Opposed To Opening A Box Every Time To Check! Easy To Use And Instructions Are Always Included With A Warm Thank You Note:)
  5. ENTREFEET GUARANTEE: Dr. Entre's 2-in-1 Foot Pads Get The Job Done Or You Can Get Your Money Swiftly Returned Back! We Go Above and Beyond When Sourcing Our Products To Provide The Utmost Quality For Our Customers. This Is Why We Stand Behind Our Products With An Unlimited Time Frame Guarantee Because We Want Our Customers To Know Purchasing Is ALWAYS Safe and 100% Risk Free With EntreFeet.(not just for a limited time frame)


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