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Bamboo Vinegar Aroma Foot Pads with Lavender and Green Tea Powders Plus Lavender Essential Oil for Stress Relief and Relaxation (20 Count)

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  1. SLEEP BLISSFULLY with Vestol Aroma Foot Pads. Infused with tourmaline, Vitamin C, lavender and green tea powders, they support anxiety relief and restful sleep so you awake rested and rejuvenated.
  2. COMPLEMENTARY AROMAS of lavender and green tea powders intensify the therapeutic aspects of our relaxing natural foot pads. Each box includes 10 lavender foot pads and 10 green tea foot pads.
  3. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS are gentle on sensitive skin, easing muscle tension and foot odor without pharmaceuticals or harsh chemicals. This 20-count box offers 10 nights of rest and relaxation.
  4. INDIVIDUAL SEALED POUCHES maintain the efficacy of our foot pads until you're ready to use them. Carry a pair in your purse, briefcase or luggage for use at school and on business or vacation travel.
  5. BONUS LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL delivers immediate calming effects. Dab it on your wrists or temples, massage it into sore muscles or add it to a diffuser to achieve personal serenity anytime, anywhere.


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