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BOLD KETO MCT Oil Capsules - 300 Softgels - MCT Oil Keto Pills - Capsules of C10 C8 MCT Oil 1000mg 300 Count - caprylic Acid MCT Oil softgels derived from Pure Coconut Oil

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  1. Take BOLD KETO MCT Oil Capsules anywhere you go. Take them with you to the gym, to work, or while traveling without having to deal with the mess of regular liquid MCT oil! These premium MCT capsules are flavorless, odorless, and have no oily residue. The fatty acids in MCT oil softgel form are easily and quickly digested and they support a healthy keto diet.
  2. Sourced 100% from pure coconuts, BOLD KETO MCT Softgels are made with C10 and C8 oil and contain no palm oil, chemicals, or artificial flavors/colors. Sustain your level of ketosis, boost the results of your ketogenic diet, or get back into ketosis faster after a higher carb meal. Take 1 softgel capsule and gradually increase dosage to 3 softgel capsules per serving. Get the healthy fats your body needs with this essential medium chain triglycerides supplement. The best keto diet product!
  3. MCT oil is natural, fast brain fuel and muscle fuel. Experience easy digestion & enhanced nutrient absorption with caprylic oil & capric oil. The pure MCT oil in capsule form will boost your mental clarity, enhance your immune system, and increase your energy levels. This keto product perfectly pairs with keto friendly foods.
  4. These keto pills are pure medium chain fatty acids that boost natural metabolic function and physical performance. Are you an athlete or someone who loves to workout? These are perfect for pre workout or post workout. Perform even better and feel more energized! If you are looking to take your keto diet to the next level, enhance your gym performance, increase your energy, or manage your weight, then this is the keto product for you!
  5. BOLD KETO's non-GMO, gluten free brain octane is the ultimate oil in softgel form for bulletproof coffee. Easily suppress your appetite and balance your ketone levels with ketogenic coffee! Our high quality, unrefined, pure MCT oil pairs well with ghee, butter, and coconut oil. Make keto coffee easily with no mess!


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