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It'S SKIN Signature D'escargot Unwrinkle Snail Repair Cream 55ml 1.86 fl. oz. - Anti Aging Wrinkle Care Skin Tightening Repair Moisturizing Essence for Youthful Appearance Mucin Serum Gel

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  1. ✔️ THE PERFECT SKIN TONE ADHERED TO YOUR TYPE OF SKIN - Each person has his or her unique type of skin tone. Depending on your condition, your skin may appear dull, red, or bright. The Signature D'escargot Snail Cream is a snail cream that maintains your skin at its best condition so that your skin can radiate the best color that it originally gives off. Select the Signature D'escargot Snail Cream that pertains to your skin needs: "Comforting / Revive / Unwrinkle"
  2. ✔️ "UNWRINKLE" ANTI AGING EFFECTS - Brings life to the skin and enhances overall skin elasticity. Thick and full coverage texture that is full of nutrition and active ingredients. Fit for combination skin types or dry skin types. Use this cream if you want to keep your skin in its youthful state and manage skin aging problems.
  3. ✔️ MAIN INGREDIENTS & REPLACEMENT OF PURIFIED WATER - The Signature D'escargot "Unwrinkle" Snail Cream contains 21% of a special type of snail mucus secretion extract, in which the snails were fed with oriental raisin. Also, the water used in the manufacturing of this snail cream is not your normal cosmetic's 'purified water.' We have used licorice water for the added touch of nature and minimization artificial manufacturing.
  4. ✔️ NATURAL WATER-BASED COLORS (NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR ADDITIVES) - Most cosmetics and skin care products use artificial coloring substances to create a visually pleasing color for the product. It'S SKIN's D'escargot Snail Cream's colors are naturally derived from the water that was actually filtered from its natural substance (bamboo water, rosewater, licorice water).
  5. ✔️ SOOTHING FRAGRANCE & CLINICALLY TESTED - The Signature D'escargot "Unwrinkle" Snail Cream has a refreshing citrus scent. This product has passed clinical tests and have been confirmed to calm the skin, maintain moisture levels for 48 hours, and not irritate the skin.


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