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ZURU X-Shot New Flying Bug Attack Swarm Seeker Dart Blaster 1 Pack (12 Darts) (Custom Packaging) Toy of The Year Nominee

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  1. FLYING BUG ATTACK SWARM SEEKER: Take down flying targets with X-Shot Flying Bug Attack! Place your bugs onto the motorised launcher, step on the pedal and then release to see your bugs soar in the air! Then take them down with the new Swarm Seeker blaster!
  2. RAPID CLIP-FIRE ACTION: The Swarm Seeker is specially-tailored for rapid fire blasting! It's 10-dart capacity magazine and motorised Flying Bug compatibility provide hours of fun!
  3. SLEEK DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY: X-SHOT is the proud winner of the Dart Zone Award for best performing blasters, and the Swarm Seeker is no different. It's design and auto-sliding clip make it a must-have addition to your arsenal!
  4. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Swarm Seeker Dart Blaster, 1 x Motorised Launcher, 2 x Flying Bug Moving Targets, 12 Darts
  5. X-SHOT PROMISE: Our mission is to deliver unbeatble value to our fans worldwide. Our 'UP YOUR GAME' promise is to provide a combination of design excellence, market leading quality and unbeatable prices.


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