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Floopi Womens Indoor Outdoor Herringbone Fur Lined Clog Slipper W/Memory Foam

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  1. YOUR FEET WILL BE HAPPY THIS WINTER: Why? Because they will never get cold while you'll be relaxing at home - these Floopi microfiber slippers for women are going to make sure of that! If you wear these women's slippers with the faux fur liner, your feet and toes will always be warm and cozy!
  2. HERRINGBONE PATTERN FOR EXTRA LUXURY: These house slippers for women have a stylish herringbone pattern and the cutest color combination, so you can wear them from morning to night with your pajamas or loungewear, whether you're indoors or outdoors. Luxury doesn't need a specific setting!
  3. SLIPPERS THAT WILL KEEP YOUR FEET COMFORTABLE: Do your feet hurt every time you return home from work? Why walk barefoot when you can walk in these super lightweight and comfortable memory foam slippers that will prevent a further strain and help your foot muscles recover faster?
  4. YOU WON'T SLIP WHILE YOU WEAR THESE SLIPPERS: Our faux fur slippers have a premium quality thermoplastic rubber sole that is incredibly durable and nonslip at the same time. In other words, you can walk around your house with confidence, because these comfy slippers are very sturdy.
  5. SLIPPERS ARE A MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY: So if a special woman in your life doesn't own clog slippers or she has a really old pair, you should definitely give her these Floopi fur slippers are a gift. Just make sure to pick the right size and color combination, and you're ready to place an order!


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