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PlayMonster,Chrono Bomb Night Vision - Secret Agent Maze Game - Play During The Day or in The Dark!

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  1. New! Now with night vision: play during the day or at night in the dark!
  2. Create a "laser" Maze: make a laser-like field with string-not real lasers! Set up using the long 37-ft. String and rubber-grip clamps
  3. Spy mission: pretend you're a secret Agent and crawl, step, jump and creep through your "laser" Maze to get to the end and defuse the bomb!
  4. Watch out! Don't bang the string-the sensor will detect the movement and make time count down faster!
  5. Multi-task mission: pick up gear cards along the way for an added challenge!
  6. Hurry before time runs out: get to the bomb and deactivate it to save the day!
  7. Nighttime missions: slip on the UV light goggles to make the string glow so you can play in the dark for added fun and challenge!
  8. Set it up differently each time for a new game each time you play! For ages 7 and up


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