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Mycritee Hexagonal Pellet Smoker Tube 12" | Premium Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Smoking | 5 Hours of Smoke for All Grills or Smokers | Brush + Canvas Bag + eBook for Grilling and Smoking Included

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  1. <p>&#x1F30B; INFUSE YOUR FOOD WITH A SMOKEY FLAVOUR:</p> <p>Enhance the way your food tastes with this pellet smoker tube up to 5 hours</p> <p>of hot or cold smoking. Choose food grade wood pellets such</p> <p>as apple, oak, cherry or just mix them all for an exotic cocktail.</p> <p>This compact grilling accessory fits any grill and gives a</p> <p>mouth-watering taste to meat, fish, cheese and nuts.</p>
  2. <p>&#x1F30B; AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS WITH THE PERFECT BARBEQUE:</p> <p>Made of high-quality polished stainless steel, the no-rust MY-SMOKER</p> <p>tube is a built-to-last cooking gadget. Durable, smoke tube for pellet grill the heat-resistant</p> <p>metal makes sure it won't bend or break. Its hexagonal shape offers</p> <p>you optimum diffusion of smoke and your guests will enjoy your</p> <p>perfectly-smoked dishes for a long time.</p>
  3. <p>&#x1F30B; MAKE THE BEST OUT OF YOUR GRILL:</p> <p>The hexagonal shape of the corrosion-resistant smoker tube </p> <p>ensures it stays safely in place, without rolling around in your gas burner,</p> <p>charcoal, electric or portable grill. The perforated design of the portable</p> <p>smoking tube for grills allows the pellets to burn consistently, providing a constant</p> <p>wisp of smoke.</p>
  4. <p>&#x1F30B; FINISH CLEANING IN NO TIME:</p> <p>The sleek smoker tube comes complete with a bottle brush to save you time</p> <p>and effort after the guests have left. The cleaning brush is fitted with bristles</p> <p>that will reach all corners for an efficient scrubbing. Store this smoking kit in</p> <p>the accompanying drawstring pouch for safekeeping.</p>
  5. <p>&#x1F30B; ENRICH YOUR COOKING RECIPE COLLECTION:</p> <p>Barbecuing is so much more than a method of cooking. The digital guide included</p> <p>will bring you lots of tips to make your meals exceptionally delicious and healthier.</p> <p>Get grilling and impress your friends and family with a rich collection of recipes which</p> <p>will fit your active lifestyle.</p>


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