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Sherwoodbase Cuboid - Hummingbird Feeder 2-in-1, Attached to Window or Hung on Tree, Built-in Ant Moat, Bee Guards, and Detachable Lid for Easy Cleaning & Refills, with Cleaning Brush, 8 oz

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  1. ✔UNIQUE DESIGN 2-IN-1 HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER: Whether you are a bird lover or a novice bird watcher, you will love Cuboid, as it is the only hummingbird feeder that offers both styles; You can mount it outside of your window to enjoy the wild birds up close, or you can hang it far in the back of your garden if your backyard hummers are shy to get close!
  2. ✔HUMMINGBIRD-FRIENDLY: BUILT-IN ANT MOAT, BEE GUARDS PROTECTION - With Cuboid you never have to worry about insects that will invade your hummingbird feeder. It's well protected from ants, bees and other small insects. With five feeder holes and perches for the hummingbirds to stays, It is the best hummingbird-friendly feeder among all the hummingbird feeders.
  3. ✔PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE: Cuboid is made for any building structure. It is ideal for backyards, or apartment windows. It's a premium decoration in your home which at the same time serves as a stress reliever. Everyone, including your children, your parents, and your pets will appreciate and cherish nature by watching the hummingbird up close.
  4. ✔EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE: Cuboid is packaged gift-ready; it includes a chain, clamps and suction cups made of high-quality durable materials. Detachable lid makes cleaning and refilling super easy for you. Your hummingbird feeder will always look new if you take care of it. For a limited time BONUS, we also offer a FREE FEEDER HOLE BRUSH to help you make sure the feeder is cleaned inside out!
  5. ✔LIFETIME WARRANTY, PROMOTION: It's backed by our unbeatable Lifetime Warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Free replacement for first-time installation accident. Can't make the decision on what style to use? We have "BUY TWO GET 20% OFF DISCOUNT", and you can test out both styles at the same time! DISCOUNT CODE: 4SNK7339


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