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40PCS MOMOTOYS Squishies Mochi Squishies Mini Squishies Toys 20 Kawaii Food Squishies 20 Animal Mochi Stress Relief Toys Squeeze Toys Party Favor Mochi Unicorn Bear Panda Novelty Gifts

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  1. WONDERFUL ASSORTMENT - 40 pieces random mini squishies are enough to go around to all. Great variety of designs, sizes, and colors. All kawaii squishies are different.
  2. MINI SQUISHIES KAWAII - Unique cream scented squishies as toys, gifts, party decorations, simulation breads are all perfect. Kids will enjoy to tying the cute mochi squishy on their lunch bags, phones, wrists and even around their room.
  3. TEACHING AIDS - Squishy toy set is perfect choice for your preschool kitchen set. Children can understand squishy animal, comprehend their characteristics and shapes, and cultivate children's cognitive skills.
  4. RELIEVE STRESS TOYS-Not only are stress squishies adorable and absolutely well made. Squeeze up this slow rising squishy jumbo and they pop back up again in just few seconds. A sort of calming feeling whenever.
  5. CREAM SCENTED- The cream scented squishy can help to keep your backpack smell good. Upon receipt of our squishy toys, placed the novelty toys in ventilated place to make the smell sweet flavor.


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