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WATINC Random 50 Pcs Squishies Cream Scented Slow Rising Kawaii Simulation Lovely Toy Jumbo Medium Mini Soft Squishies, Phone Straps (WT-Squishy 50Pcs)

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  1. 1.Items are delivered from USA, please purchase on WATINC store, others are all Counterfeit good. If you receive a product without WATINC logo, it means you receive a counterfeit product. Please complain to Amazon for selling fake seller.
  2. 2.Size: Length: 4cm-12cm, 50 random. At least one Jumbo. Colour: As picture Squishy Slow Rising will send in random expression pattern.
  3. 3.Material: Elastic Environmentally PU Foam. Quantity: Random 50 PCS Squishies.
  4. 4.Squishy animal/fruit/bread/toy/cup/food/ice cream Cute & soft charms for cellphones, bags, keys, gifts, collecting, and more!
  5. 5.Cream Scented, Cute & soft. Best choice for gift.


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