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M Embr Smoking 12" Pellet Smoker Tube | Up to 5 Hours of Smoking | Use on Any Grill or Smoker | Hot Smoking & Cold Smoking | E-Book with Recipes are Included

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  1. TRANSFORM ANY GRILL INTO A SMOKER - Your versatile Pellet Smoker Tube is a great BBQ accessory that can be used in any Smoker or Grill. You'll find success using the Pellet Smoker Tube with electric, gas, charcoal, and portable grills.
  2. BUILT TO LAST - The EMBR Pellet Smoker Tube is crafted with the finest premium quality 100% stainless steel material for a long lasting pellet smoker.
  3. BILLOWING SMOKE FOR UP TO 5 HOURS - Capability to deliver clean and wispy smoke at 225°F+ for up to 5 hours and provides adequate smoke to add tantalizing and unforgettable flavors.
  4. SIMPLE TO USE AND CLEAN - Provided with the Pellet Smoker Tube is an E-Book with recipes and the simple steps to turn any grill into a pellet smoker.
  5. WHO WE ARE - EMBR Smoking offers the highest quality smoke and BBQ equipment with a goal of making your grill and smoking experience top of the line


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