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Funny Cat Toys Lazer for Cat Interactive Toy - Pet Catch Exercise The LED Light Training Tool Command Light - Suitable for Outdoor Using and presentations in Class

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  1. 1. Great for Cats and Dogs, Keep your pet busy for hours chasing with this Cat toy!
  2. 2. an provide exercise and endless fun, 2 in 1 fun for you and your pet
  3. 3. It's compact, durable and versatile,suitable for various situations,Interactive led training pet toy
  4. 4. LED - Safe on animals! FUN - Kids love it!
  5. 5. Suitable for indoor use and the optimal projection range is about 5 m. Power source: 1 x AA battery


  • cat
  • exercise
  • fun
  • led
  • light
  • pet
  • suitable
  • toy
  • training


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