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Ashwagandha 1300mg Made with Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder & Black Pepper Extract - 120 Capsules. 100% Pure Ashwagandha Supplement for Stress Relief, Anti-Anxiety & Adrenal, Mood & Thyroid Support

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  1. 1300mg - HIGHEST POTENCY FOR BEST ANTI-STRESS & ANTI-ANXIETY SUPPORT: Made with 100% organic ashwagandha root powder and organic black pepper extract for increased absorption, our pure ashwagandha capsules offers the most potent formula in the market (1300mg per serving) to deliver superior anti-stress, anti-anxiety and adrenal support*
  2. MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC ASHWAGANDHA ROOT POWDER: In order to ensure an ashwagandha supplement is truly organic, it must be certified by an accredited certifying agent. Made with organic ashwagandha extract, our natural ashwagandha supplement is certified organic by UDAF*
  3. SUPERIOR IMMUNE BOOST, HORMONAL BALANCE & MOOD SUPPORT: Because our ashwagandha powder is sourced from organic ashwagandha root, it delivers the optimum concentration of withanolides to stimulate adaptogenic activity and optimize adrenal health, stress relief and thyroid support. More potent than other ashwagandha supplements, ashwagandha oil and ashwagandha tincture, it combats adrenal fatigue and serves as a natural mood enhancer supplement*
  4. NO FILLERS - NO BINDERS - NO ALLERGENS - NO HEAVY METALS: Our ashwagandha root capsules are FREE of fillers, binders, nuts, eggs, shellfish and other common allergens. In addition, testing is performed after every critical stage of production to ensure our products are FREE of adulterants, solvent residues, aflatoxins, microbiological pathogens and heavy metals such as mercury*
  5. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At NutriRise, we care about your experience. In fact we are so confident that you will love our Premium Ashwagandha that we back it with a 90-day money back guarantee. Our Ashwagandha Supplement is proudly encapsulated in a FDA-Registered facility in the USA according to stringent GMP regulations. Each and every batch is independently and third-party tested for premium purity and potency*


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