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Kawaii Animal Squishies, Outee 20 Pcs Squishy Cat Stress Toy Animals Toys Mochi Animals Kawaii Squishies Cat Stress Relief Mochi Squishy Animal Toys Kawaii Squishy Stress Animals Stress Relief Toys

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  1. EASY TO CLEAN- These mochi squishy toys can be rinsed with water directly when they are dirty. These mini animal squishies are amazing soft. You will can not stop pinching them because of the great touch feeling and full squeeze-ability.
  2. PACKAGE INCLUDED- 20 Pcs mochi squeeze squishies(random color) in total. 2 * rabbit squishies, 2 * bear squishies, 2 * seal squishies, 2 * cat claw squishies, 2 * cat squishies, 1 * smile cloud squishy and 9 * mini animals squishies.
  3. PRODUCT WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE- Only Items Sold by "Outee Official Store" will have quality warranty for 48 months. We provide 48-day money-back and 24-month warranty for all the items that SOLD BY Outee Official Store. So feel free to contact us i
  4. SIZE(L)- 5-7CM/1.9-2.8Inch. Children need to be supervised by adults while playing it!!!
  5. WIDE USAGE- Perfect animal squishies to relieve stress and increase blood circulation of hands. Enjoy your funny game time with families or friends. Outee products only sold by " Outee Official Store" and fulfilled by Amazon.


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