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Lebogner Car Seat Protector + Kick Mat Auto Seat Back Protector With 3 Organizer Pockets, Durable Quality Seat Covers + Waterproof Kick Guards To Protect Your Leather And Upholstery Seats From Damage

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  1. � Buy It Now With Confidence, This Best � TOP QUALITY CAR SEAT AND KICK MAT PROTECTORS � Will Keep Your Seats Clean 100% and We Guarantee Satisfaction With a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.
  2. � Our Car Seat Protector is designed with super grip vinyl corners to prevent your baby's forward or rear facing car seat from slipping, And super anti slip backing to prevent the car seat protector from slipping on your leather or cloth seat, Which mak
  3. � Our Car Seat Protector Is Made Out Of Durable Material To A Very High Standard Which Gives The Car Seat Protector A Super Long Life. Easy To Wipe Clean. Simple And Easy To Install With The One Piece Design, And No Worry To Keep Track On Spare Parts.
  4. � Our Kick Mat includes 3 organizer pockets on the front for handy storage of food, kids play toys, colouring and reading books, baby gear and accessories. Ensure that the things that are important are in reach of your kids at all times, and that the me
  5. � Our Kick Mat Measures 19" wide x 27" long, Has double layered fabric that will keep your Car Seats Clean even with the most active little feet in your car seat. And will instantly protect your upholstery or leather car seats from Scuff Marks, Moisture


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