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BBQ Cooking Tool Set Grilling Accessories Includes Silicone Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves, Meat Claws Plus Non-Slip Basting Brushes For Your Indoor And Outdoor Needs For Grilling, Baking and Barbecue

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  1. BBQ Cooking Gloves: A non-slip heart design with a strong grip that allows safe movement of hot pots, food or racks. The BBQ gloves can manage hot item in your kitchen or the BBQ easily.
  2. BBQ Cooking Tools Set: An perfect BBQ set includes a pair of grilling gloves, a pair of pork shredders and two baking brushes.
  3. Bear Claw Meat Shredder: They are perfect for pulling beef, shredding pork, handling poultry, chicken, brisket, turkey, hams, roasts and removing virtually any meat from your BBQ grills.
  4. Money-Back Policy: High quality food-grade BPA free plastic which lets us promise you can 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our product.
  5. Silicone basting brush: Basting brush is a total silicone not a combination. Don't need to worry the handle or bristles will be left on food.


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