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Educational Insights Sculptapalooza Sculpting Party Game

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  1. NEW GAME FOR PARTY FUN: The hilariously creative, ridiculously fun, squishy, squashy sculpting party game!
  2. FAST PACED FAMILY GAME: Teams race against the clock to sculpt, guess, and win
  3. 5 CRAZY CATEGORIES: Sculpt with your eyes closed, sculpt a prop to act out your scene, or tag-team play in the Lightning Round
  4. BEST SELLING PLAYFOAM INCLUDED: Includes best-selling Playfoam, sculpting mat, 220 cards, die, timer, scorecard, and game guide
  5. PERFECT FOR adults, small parties, game night, teens, kids (ages 10+ years) or families - fun for everyone!


  • educational
  • fun
  • game
  • insights
  • party
  • playfoam
  • sculpt
  • sculpting


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