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mi nature USDA Organic Amla Powder (Amalaki),227 gm / 0.5 lb, Powerful Immune System and Energy Booster, 100% Raw Superfoods From India, Non-Irradiated, Non-Contaminated, Non-GMO and Vegan Friendly

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  1. Organic Amla Powder (Phyllanthus Emblica) has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years as an adapt genic herb. It helps alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue, low energy, insomnia and concentration difficulties. Amla powder has a high fiber content which works wonderfully for the digestive system. It's an effective cure for constipation.
  2. Consuming Amla in any form on a daily basis is the secret behind the slow aging process and beautiful skin. Amalaki powder when taken with a teaspoon of honey acts as a great blood purifier. It can be added to a glass of fresh juice for breakfast. Amla is also great for your hair. It not only cures dandruff but also helps in preventing hair loss.
  3. No GMOs, No Irradiation, No additives, No preservatives, No artificial colors, No flavors and Gluten-free.
  4. "mi nature" is committed to producing the highest quality products and Natural Herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. All our products are 100% natural and processed in FDA Registered Facility in India. ""mi nature"" products bring you closer to nature & mother earth. We believe in creating for our customer by making them healthier. Our processors take care that each and every products is processed in the purest form and packed hygienically. To help you get the best utility.


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