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Lymeez 3D Air Mesh Tick Gaiters. 12” wrap. TREATED (Permethrin). 3D mesh slows ticks = longer exposure to repellent. Durable. Long-lasting. Cost effective. On/off wrap. Adjustable fit. (Olive)

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  1. ACTIVE RELEASE. Millions of microcapsules of permethrin repellent are bound to fibers throughout the product, gradually released by the friction of walking. CDC: "Products containing permethrin kill ticks." Repellency lasts through the expected life of th
  2. HOW TO WEAR: (1) Remove the double faced loop strip protector (save for washing or storing your gaiters). (2) The hook strip attaches to the 3D mesh anywhere for best fit for you. (3) The grab of the hook strip to the 3D mesh quickly gets stronger with ea
  3. LYMEEZ 3D AIR MESH TECHNOLOGY CONFOUNDS TICKS. Tested to slow ticks climb by 4-8X than common pant fabrics. A slowed climb means longer exposure to repellent.
  4. SEWN AND TREATED IN THE USA. Lightweight. Easy on/off wrap. Breathable. Comfortable. Durable. Adjustable fit. Tear resistant. One size Adult: 19.5" W X 12" H. Perfect for Working Outdoors, Hiking, Walking, Gardening, Camping, Golfing, Birding, Hunting. Pa
  5. TICKS DON'T FLY OR JUMP! Lymeez 3D Mesh gaiters, at 12" cover the lower leg, the common ambush height of ticks.


  • adjustable
  • air
  • climb
  • common
  • durable
  • exposure
  • fit
  • gaiters
  • hook
  • longer
  • lymeez
  • mesh
  • off
  • permethrin
  • repellent
  • strip
  • ticks
  • treated
  • walking
  • wrap


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