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Hongso HRTA1-1 10-Foot Natural Gas and Propane Gas Quick Connect Hose Assembly 3/8-inch Female Pipe Thread x 3/8-inch Male Flare Quick Connect Disconnect

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  1. 10-Feet Natural Gas and Propane Gas Quick Connect Hose. Long-lasting brass fittings
  2. 3/8" female pipe thread x 3/8" male flare quick connect/disconnect. 5/8" hose outlet diameter
  3. Attaches appliance to existing low pressure supply. Comes with dust cap and plug.CSA certificated
  4. Fits natural gas or propane low pressure applications like heater and gas grill
  5. Functions effectively with natural or LP gas, unites LP grill, natural gas grill and RV to permanent fuel sources


  • 8inch
  • connect
  • disconnect
  • female
  • flare
  • gas
  • grill
  • hongso
  • hose
  • low
  • male
  • natural
  • pipe
  • pressure
  • propane
  • quick
  • thread


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