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MaryCrafts Mother Of Pearl MOP Scarf Ring Oval Scarf Ring Handmade 4.5x3.1 Cm White

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  1. 100% handmade from White Mother of Pearl MOP, highly polished
  2. Color: White
  3. Keep Your Scarves Safe and Use the Slide / Ring to Anchor the Knot
  4. Marycrafts' scarf ring standard size 3: (4.5x3.1 cm) (this design come before all are categorized into size 1-8), to use with: Twillys scarves, Gavroches scarves, 70 Carrés scarves
  5. This one is only produced by Marycrafts and soly sold by Marycrafts. Please buy only from Marycrafts to ensure the highest quality.


  • 45x31
  • handmade
  • marycrafts
  • mop
  • mother
  • only
  • pearl
  • ring
  • scarf
  • scarves
  • size
  • use
  • white


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