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3 X FEG Eyelash enhancer!!! 3 pieces of most powerful eyelash growth Serum 100% Natural. Promote rapid growth of eyelashes!!!

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  1. EASY To Apply: FEG is a very easy to apply eyelash serum. After removing all makeup, apply to the base of your upper lash line every night before bed. To use as an eyebrow thickener, simply apply to your brows every evening after cleansing your face.
  2. IMPROVES the condition of your lashes and brows by fortifying hair: FEG Eyelash Enhancer reinforces lash & brow durability, shine, sheen - providing an overall healthier appearance. BENEFITS: Nourishes, moisturizes, repairs and protects brow/lash follicle
  3. NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: Does not contain parabens, sulfates or chemical preservatives. Formulated with breakthrough technology which has been approved by GMP, ISO, SGS, and CE.
  4. Perfect ALTERNATIVE to false lashes and eyebrows: Do not spend money on lash extensions or damage your natural lashes with false eyelashes. GROW Up To 2 mm After Using For 7-14 days.
  5. Works to LENGTHEN, THICKEN, and DARKEN both Eyelashes and Eyebrows: This liquid eyelash stimulator serum nourishes your lash line with protein complexes that reinforce and support a healthier looking appearance. GET seductive looking brows and lashes in 4


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