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GTC FF310 Short and Open Circuit Finder and Tracer

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  1. 42V ready for use in new generation vehicles with mixed or single 42 volt systems and operates on DC voltages from 6 to 42 volts
  2. Adjustable sensitivity for all tracing situations coupled with non-contact technology and therefore wire piercing is not required, non-contact technology
  3. Internally protected against power surges and overloads and has an 8 inches flexible probe for hard to reach or congested places with auto polarity on transmitter with 5 amps leads and alligator clips
  4. Transmitter and Receiver LEDs show open or short circuit conditions and variable audio or visual signal provides fast feedback on the circuit or wire proximity
  5. Wire tracing is possible even inside bundles, conduits, behind panels and under carpets or upholstery


  • circuit
  • noncontact
  • open
  • technology
  • tracing
  • transmitter
  • wire


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